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Our Mission

Our mission and vision is to bring an international leisure experience to the hospitality industry through filling the gaps that we have observed and identified as industry experts ourselves. We will achieve this by providing the trainings and guidelines to the different establishments we'll be working with.

What does Medallion symbolize?
"A medallion is often a realisation of something important in the life of the dreamer. Sometimes it refers to a heritage from the past that is being realised now."

With over a decade experience in the different Hospitality sectors, we offer a range of expertise which can be tailored to any establishment. Our aim is to create lasting relationships with our establishments and academy graduates, whereby they can use us for consultations and further development post graduation. Our graduates will be equipped with theoretical skills as well as practical skills to perform in their relevant areas with confidence.  Our courses are designed to enrich all levels, from the line staff to the manager, with a keen interest in the middle manager/supervisor who is often forgotten.



Housekeeping and Leadership Expert

Having joined the Hospitality Industry at the tender age of 17, bridging service gaps has become my passion.

I consider myself an outstanding hotelier, whose motivation lies in delivering exceptional quality.

As a leader, passing on knowledge through mentorship and coaching is without a doubt my most valuable attribute.

•Diploma in Hospitality Management specialising in Sales & Marketing, Housekeeping Operations, Supervision in the Hospitality Industry.


Experience on land:
•Start up of new hotel in 2010
•Restaurant Manager
•Front desk, both Reception and Night Audit
Experience at sea:
• Stewardess
•Assistant Housekeeper
•Executive Housekeeper


Front office and Guest Relations Expert

I am a young, inspired, energetic and motivated Hospitality Graduate who has adream and passion for the hospitality
Industry.I have gained vast experience to deliver excellent service. The international travel dream began in Florida Miami and Kennebunkport Maine in USA and after that it has been a nonstop journey across the world. Before my International experience I began voluntary work for two(2) years with
two(2) of the largest hotel groups in South Africa which led me to be the excellent service provider I am at present.

I am inspired by service delivery and I am a Brand Ambassador of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.
That is the reason I decided to further my studies in this field. This industry strives for excellence which is spearheaded by hard work, dedication and the ability and capacity to nurture and deliver.

I have gained an abundant knowledge coupled with a combination of skills in the following areas:
Leadership excellence, clientele communication and customer management, image, branding and relations management.

My team and I strongly believe in maintaining good clientele relationships and this is complimented by reliability, effectiveness and willingness to go the extra mile.



Professional Cookery Expert

As a Cum laude graduate in Professional Cookery and Kitchen Management at the International hotel school. I had the wonderful opportunity of working at some well known hotels for my practical. I then ventured into the adventurous world of Ships. I joined the family of ultra luxury cruise-line in the Housekeeping Department. In 2020 when Corona hit I decided to register my company Nette Bello which is a food service company that serves quality food  at an affordable rate, caters for private functions and cooking classes. I have been privileged enough to have achieved all of this at the young age of 24 and the best is yet to come.


Through all my work experience I have found one thing to be true, all the theory that you learn does not prepare you for the actual work place and that is the gap I would like to fill. With local and international experience within three different departments in the hospitality industry I do believe it’s about time that South African hospitality industry learn a thing or to about improving guests stay no matter the department you are in. From the simple things of etiquette to detailed guest request and how to deliver efficiently. To go above and beyond without being seen while still leaving a positive impact on your guests or customers.



Clarice Erasmus
South Africa

My time working with Soso, she demonstrated good interpersonal skills, she is naturally approachable and had the ability to make people feel comfortable and inclusive. Soso is also a natural problem solver who analyzes a situation and comes up with constructive solutions.


South Africa

I worked with Songezwa for a company called Seabourn, Her patience with people made it so easy for anyone to approach her whenever they needed help which made her one of the most amazing people to have.
I wouldn't have finished my contract if it wasn't for her.



I have had the pleasure of working with Jeanet. She is a self starting and hardworking person. Always mindful of deadlines and has an acute mind of paying attention to detail. As such she delivers quality food and beverage set to international standards.


Nombombo family
South Africa

We have always enjoyed eating out and exploring different food but lockdown and the pandemic put a stop to that. Having a chef come in and prepare top quality meals in the comfort of our home was an experience we will forever treasure. Jeanet outdoes herself each time which is why we will always remain her loyal customers.


Stéphanie Rasoamanana

I had the privilege to work with Sibahle as my Executive Housekeeper; I learned a lot from her not only work wise but also how to be a leader. Siba has humble beginnings but amazingly worked her way up through her natural leadership skills:

-Self development 

-Team development 

-Strategic thinking and acting

-Ethical practice 


I am thankful for what I learned from her.


Chef Paul

Working with Jeanet is such a pleasure, she communicates very well. Her patience in the kitchen is something to admire and she forever extends a helping hand. She is an asset to have


 Bilal Moola,
South Africa

I had the privilege of working alongside Siba in her role as Executive Housekeeper. Being in a newly appointed management role, she assisted and guided me in being able to express my views with the company. Siba's strong work ethic has allowed her to lead by example, inspiring those around her to go the extra mile needed for success.


Thalita Penhavel,

Siba was assigned to me as a 'big sister' on a luxury cruise line. With her I learned the meaning of the word 'tough love'. She taught me everything by the book. No shortcuts, everything how is supposed to be. Flawless service. She is tough, not because she is mean, but because she wants you to be your best.

IMG_8669 (1).JPG

Joy and Jessleen,

It’s been a pleasure to work with Soso, she is one of the best colleague we have worked with. She is always available and assist whenever you need her. Keep up the good work.

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