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What is an Academy?
An Academy is a society or Institute of distinguished scholars that aims to promote and maintain standards in its particular field.

What does Medallion symbolize?
"A medallion is often a realisation of something important in the life of the dreamer. Sometimes it refers to a heritage from the past that is being realised now."

We are currently focusing on on-site establishment trainings and not individual courses. We travel to your establishment and train your staff.


Course Length : 14 days


We are here to ensure our Front Office and Guest Relations students learn the fundamentals of this position, which entails providing exceptional service, ensuring all guests receive personal detailed service.
Front Office personnel are the first and last impression from check-in to check-out.
Front Office department holds the most important role in the establishment. We make sure we always maintain good posture, keep eye contact at all times, should always deliver service with a smile, be courteous and always willing to go the extra mile for all guests.

The below are fundamentals of a Front Office Personnel and /or Guest Relations coordinator:
• A brilliant communicator
• Great interpersonal skills
• Exceptional Time Management
• Dependable
• Must be organized
• Ability to work with minimal supervision
• Telephone etiquette
• Strong Technical Reception Skills
• Adhere to all Guest and Employee Confidentiality

Front Office


Professional Cookery is a program that will equip you with the necessary skills to be able to perform your duties in the kitchen.

This programme includes theory and practical skills for hot and cold kitchen sections, banquet events and patisserie.
It goes in detail in knife skills, food production, culinary terminology, food safety, purchasing management and occupational health and safety.


Professional Cookery is for anyone who works or wants to work as a chef in the catering and hospitality sector. It is also ideal for those chefs in industry who would like to continue or refresh their knowledge by undertaking topics within the qualification.

• Basic Cooking Methods 
• Stocks, Soups and Sauces 
• Fish and Shellfish 
• Meat, Poultry and Offal 
• Fruit and Vegetables 
• Pulses and Grain 
• Egg Dishes  • Pastry Products 
• Hot and Cold Desserts 
• Industry Placement


Course Length : 14 days

DSC_1539 (1).JPG

Course Length : 14 days


What makes a good housekeeper is their keen eye for details and special touch.


It is of vital importance that a housekeeper be organized and always prepared for their next shift.  Everyone can make a bed and put a pillow but at Medallion Academy we focus on making the in-suite experience a memorable one.


This course is designed for beginners who wish to learn more about the housekeeping roles in an establishment. This course is also suited to long serving employees who wish to engage in the latest trends. 


• The importance of the Housekeeping department in an establishment

• Public Health

• General cleaning of suites and public areas

• Cleaning and Sanitizing methods

• Safe cleaning

• Service Excellence

• Special Touches

• Cart preparation with linen and amenities

• Liasing with front of house

• Terminology
• And more



Leadership is defined as the act of motivating other people toward a common goal.


At Medallion Academy we equip you with tools that make you not only a competent leader but a confident one. One of our key focuses is the middle manager who is often forgotten yet plays an important role in moulding the team and in their productivity. We provide on-site coaching as well as team building techniques.


This course can be tailored for employees who are in line to be supervisors, employees who are newly promoted as well as employees who are experienced in their position but need a refresher.

• What makes a good leader?
• Setting expectations 
• Research. Be familiar with the content.
• Problem-solving
• Encouraging the team to take ownership and initiate 
• Reliability
• Professionalism - including confidentiality 
• Team Building
• Learning Styles 
• Evaluation
• Practical Scenarios


Course Length : 14 days


Additional services:

mystery shopping

Not sure what your training needs are? We're your Mystery Shoppers and Service Consultants. 


Our aim is to provide you with feedback based on the customer's perspective which assists in staff efficiency.

The importance of a Mystery Shopper is that it makes employees aware of the importance of the quality of service that should be provided to the customer,  meaning everyone should be treated like royalty. You never know who you're serving. 


After identifying training needs, we recommend the course(s) most suited to your establishment. 

Home Attendant ( 5 days)

Detailed training in the upkeep of your home. We cover the follow:

-Personal care and hygiene

-Basic cookery skills

-Cleaning and sanitizing of the home

-Detailed home-care skills 

-Basic laundry service (washing, ironing, fabric care)

-Plant care

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